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The Peyton Lab is committed to welcoming scientists from all backgrounds, groups, and identities, including gender, race, ethnicity, abilities, and orientation. The best science comes from diverse groups!

Links to activities and organizations of interest to Peyton Lab.

*Shelly is PI of the UMass NIH PREP program, which is an excellent mechanism to recruit the next generation of top scientists into the biomedical field. Please email Shelly if you are or know a great student for this program! Applications are typically due each year on April 15th.

*Shelly is PI of the MURALS REU Site at UMass Amherst, which welcomes 10 undergraduate students from all over the country for a research-immersive experience at UMass. We are particularly interested in recruiting aspiring scientists and engineers from systemically excluded groups. Applications are typically due by April 15th.

*NOBCChE, SACNAS, and ABRCMS are outstanding scientific conferences where you can meet the next generation of scientific leaders.

*The Chemical Engineering DEI committee at UMass is a great place to see department-wide efforts at UMass.

*The DEI committee for the BTP Training Program at UMass is highly active and offers many activities for students, faculty, and staff associated with BTP.

*Roughly once per month, the lab uses group meeting to talk about issues related to DEI both in and outside of science. These topics and days/times are posted internally. Here are some of our recent topics:

Disarming Racial Microagressions

Lessons from Microbes: What Can We Learn about Equity from Unculturable Bacteria?

Autism, Neurodiversity, & Race

Anti-asian racism

Presentation by Carey Dougan on Disability

For more information on our lab's positioning on DEI, please see our Mission Statement.

Looking for other resources on diversity, inclusion, and equity? Check out:

The Equal Justice Initiative

This project on native lands

More resources (thanks to Dr. Bartlett at UMass for sharing)

UMass is building a community of dignity and respect

Talking about racism
UMass Angel Fund
Scientists think that because they can be objective in one realm, they are objective in all realms.
To reduce biases, acknowledge them

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