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Lauren, Shelly, Carey 2016 Retreat
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2015 with Ethiopian collaborators
Lauren and Chickens
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PeytonLab Cake
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Peyton lab at the Pyramids 2015
Cake decorating crew
Lauren and Shelly
Lauren and Alyssa
REU Poster session 2014
2018-12-17 14.47.31
Shelly Charades under the blanket
Lauren Barney gets hitched!
Maia and Krissi EtC 2014
Alyssa sitter
2017-06-30 09.42.58
Thuy Charades Holiday Party 2015
2019-02-15 18.22.06
ETC Group
Lauren and Blondie
First Peytonlab meeting
Lauren and Chickens
Holiday Party 2015
Shelly and Thuy
Undergrad Army 2012
EtC Group 2013
Thuy Poster
group tangle wood 2011
Principal Investigator

Shelly Peyton, PhD (she/her/hers)

Armstrong Professional Development Professor

Graduate Students, Post-docs, and Research Technicians
Katie Bittner

Dr. Katie Bittner MCB PhD student MD from Robert Wood Johnson Project: Vascularizing tumor mimics

Hyuna Kim

MCB PhD student Hyuna Kim (she/her/hers) NIH BTP T32 2018-20 Project: Drug resistant breast cancer

Carey Dougan

Carey Dougan ChemEng PhD student CBI fellow and Spaulding Smith Fellow Project: TBI and Soft Tissue Mechanics

Adrian Lorenzana

Adrian Lorenzana ChemEng PhD student CBI Fellow and Spaulding-Smith Fellow Project: Force-responsive materials, Co-Advised with John Klier

Becca Huber

Becca Huber ChemEng PhD student NSF GRFP Fellow Project: Astrocytes and MS

Sonu Kizhakkepura

Dr. Sonu Kizhakkepura Post-Doc Project: Cryptic Hydrogels

Akaansha Rampal

Akaansha Rampal MCB PhD student BTP Fellow 2021-23 Project: MALDI Imaging of tissues and gels, Co-Advised with Richard Vachet

Bakthavachalam Kannadasan

Baktha Kannadasan ChemEng MS student Project: 3D Printing Hydrogels

Ninette Irakoze

Ninette Irakoze ChemEng PhD student Project: Lung Cancer

Anna Wirastapura

Anna Wirasaputra ChemEng MS Student Project: Bone Marrow Dormancy

Nate Richbourg

Dr. Nathan Richbourg Post-Doc

Alexi Panagiotou

Alexi Panagiotou Biochemistry MS student

Undergraduate Students

The Peyton lab is always recruiting undergraduate students passionate about applying their quantitative classroom training to solving problems in human health.  See the Open Positions page for information about joining.

Current Undergraduates

Diana Barr

Nimesha Ratnatuge

Benjamin Pepper

Dhimitraq Nikolla

Sage Seymour

Mahidhar Lakkavaram

Cam Lobik

Hsu Shwe Yee Naing

Publications from Peyton lab that have Peyton lab undergraduate authors (shown in bold).

Jansen, L.E., McCarthy, T., Lee, M., and Peyton, S.R., (in revision) A synthetic, three-dimensional bone marrow hydrogel, doi:


Barney, L.E., Hall, C.L., Schwartz, A.D., Parks, A.N., Sparages, C., Galarza, S., Platt, M.O., Mercurio, A.M., and Peyton, S.R. (2020) “Tumor cell-organized fibronectin is required to maintain a dormant breast cancer population”, Science Advances doi:


Polio, S., Kundu, A., Dougan, C., Birch, N., Aurien-Blajeni, D.E., Schiffman, J., Crosby, A., and Peyton, S.R., (2018) “Cross-platform mechanical characterization of lung tissue” PLOSOne DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0204765


Luzhansky, I.D., Schwartz, A.D., MacMunn, J.P., Cohen, J.D., Barney, L.E., Jansen, L.E., and Peyton, S.R., (2018) “Anomalous diffusion as a descriptive model of cell migration” APL Bioengineering doi: 10.1063/1.5019196


Brooks, E.A., Jansen, L.E., Gencoglu, M.F., Yurkevicz, A.M., and Peyton, S.R. (2018) “Complementary, semiautomated methods for creating multidimensional PEG-based biomaterials” ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, doi: 10.1021/acsbiomaterials.7b00737.


Tran, Y.H., Rasmuson, M.J., Emrick, T.S., Klier, J., and Peyton, S.R. (2017) “Strain-stiffening gels based on latent crosslinking” Soft Matter DOI: 10.1039/C7SM01888F


Herrick, W.G., Rattan, S., Nguyen, T.V., Grunwald, M.S., Barney, C.W., Crosby, A.J., and Peyton, S.R. (2015) “Smooth muscle stiffness sensitivity is integrin specific and FAK driven” Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. DOI: 10.1007/s12195-015-0397-4.


Barney, L.E., Dandley, E.C., Jansen, L.E., Reich, N.G., Mercurio, A.M., Peyton, S.R. (2015) “A cell-ECM screening method to predict breast cancer metastasis” Integrative Biology. 7:198-212. DOI: 10.1039/C4IB00218K.


Nguyen, T.V., Sleiman, M., Moriarty, T. Herrick, W.G, and Peyton, S.R. (2014) “Sorafenib resistance and JNK signaling in carcinoma during extracellular matrix stiffening” Biomaterials. 35(22):5749-5759. DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2014.03.058.


Herrick, W.G, Nguyen, T.V., Sleiman, M., McRae, S., Emrick, T.S. and Peyton, S.R., (2013) “PEG-Phosphorylcholine Hydrogels As Tunable and Versatile Platforms for Mechanobiology” Biomacromolecules. 14(7):2294-2304. DOI: 10.1021/bm400418g.

Peyton Lab Alumni

Graduate Student Alumni

Ning-Hsuan Tseng, Molecular and Cell Biology PhD, Alltrna,

Yen Tran, Chemical Engineering PhD candidate, Afton Chemical,

Sualyneth Galarza, Chemical Engineering PhD, Millipore,

Elizabeth Brooks, Chemical Engineering PhD,

Alyssa Schwartz, Chemical Engineering PhD, Seattle Genetics,

Jamiu Giwa-Owatsu, B.S. (PREP Program), University of Maryland,

Igor Luzhansky, Chemical Engineering M.S., Washington University

Lauren Jansen, Chemical Engineering PhD, Sigilon,

Lauren Barney, Chemical Engineering PhD, Sigilon

Lenny Negron-Piniero, B.S. (PREP Program), PhD student NYU,ón-piñeiro-4a8a489a/

Thuy Nguyen, Chemical Engineering PhD, Pfizer,

Marcos Manganare, Molecular and Cell Biology MS, CDC,

Nathan Colon, B.S. (PREP Program), Drexel,

William Herrick, Chemical Engineering PhD, Post-Doc: Leidos,

Dannielle Berlinghieri (Ryman). Molecular and Cell Biology MS, Leidos,

Formber Post-Docs and Lab Managers

Carey Dougan, B.S.

Maria Gencoglu, PhD

Chris Hall, PhD

Sam Polio, PhD


Former Undergraduate Studuents

Gary Ren, B.S., Pall Corporation

Alara Kilic, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Jennifer Esteves, Washington University Biomedical Engineering PhD program

Sean Tipps, University of Washington PhD Program

Sean Corriveau, UMass Chemical Engineering

Max Hayward, Georgia Tech Chemical Engineering

Jacob Ong, B.S., Moderna

Bryan Kennedy, B.S., Moderna

Jenna Elsner, B.S., Abbvie

Allie Triozzi, B.S.

Samantha Downs, B.S., Epic

Ian Kilcoyne, B.S., Eastman

Eric Blanchard, B.S.

Sarah Duquette, B.S., PhD Program at MIT

Adam Selsman, B.S., PhD Program at Tufts University

Chris Sparages, B.S., Sigilon

Annali Yurkevicz, B.S., PhD Program at Yale University

Dave Podorefsky, B.S., PhD Program at UCSB

Jessica Belliveau, B.S., PhD Program at Delaware

Matt Rasmuson, B.S., Lanxess

Marisa Souza, UMass ChemEng Department

Michael Fitman, B.S., Wayfair

John MacMunn, B.S.

Tom McCarthy, B.S., Emerson

Ari Gilman, PhD program at Princeton University

Shayna Nolan, B.S., Waters

Mariusz Rdultowski, B.S., PhD Program at RPI

Justine Jesse, B.S., MassBiologics

Marianne Sleiman, B.S. University of California, Berkeley PhD Program

Michael Grunwald, B.S. Moderna Therapeutics

Nick Koenig, B.S., Banner Health

Tim Moriarty, B.S., Eversource

David Gallagher, University of Massachusetts Chemical Engineering Department

Jonathan Chiang, University of Massachusetts School of Public Health, Biostatistics

Aidan Gilchrist, B.S., University of Illinois Materials Science PhD Program

Isaac Han, B.S., Brigham and Women's

Elyse Hartnett, Process Development Engineer at Illumina

Maxsimillyan Nowak, UCSB Chemical Engineering PhD Program

Matthew Crotty, B.S., Koch Membrane Systems

Rob Gunther, University of Massachusetts Chemical Engineering Department

Danielle LaValley, B.S. Cornell University Biomedical Engineering PhD Program

Jaclyn Somadelis, B.S. Process Development Engineer, Applied Medical

Prateek Katti, B.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill MD/Ph.D Program

Erinn (Dandley) Needham, B.S., (PhD at NC State), IDEXX

Tyler Vlass, B.S., Moderna

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